This is a screenshot of TalkTalk’s flitering service. Cameron has praised this one in particular and is more than probably going to be the base foundation for other ISP’s filtering services.

The big problem with this is that, in the case of suicide and self-harm sites, filters are notorious for blocking support and advice sites of this kind (the same goes for sites giving advice on safe sex and STDs). Lets face it, self harm and suicide happen, I’d rather know that my little brother could look at pictures of self-harm, but if he needed to, could also view websites to get support if he was feeling depressed.

Cameron tells us that if we come across a site that we feel shouldn’t be blocked, the adult can make the site available; but this causes another problem.
Take this for an example: A 14 year old girl gets pregnant and she doesn’t really know how to approach her parents about it. So she starts to look online and finds that the website she wants is blocked by The Great Firewall of Cameron. This creates the issue that she’s not able to ask for the site to be unblocked without explaining why she wants it to be unblocked. This would, in my opinion, cause her to keep it a secret which is neither good for her nor the child.

You guys know by now where I stand on this subject, but I think will help you to understand why I think the way I do.

Don’t even get me started on the other things he wants blocked by default. Games and social networking? Get a grip Cameron!


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