MPs’ vote halts UK action over Syria

We’re NOT going to Syria!

MPs’ vote halts UK action over Syria


It’s been a busy day so not much posting. Here’s a little something though…

I was writing an email to a friend and I wanted to say that something was going to be awesome. So in true How I Met Your Mother Style, I decided to opt for the Barney Stinson style. So I wrote:

It’s gonna be legen – wait for it……………

Obviously Mozilla Thunderbird saw this as a typing error UNTIL I finished 😛

Mozilla recognises

legen – wait for it……………DARY!!!

So long as you complete it.

Boom! Your move Google!

Human to Human Mind Control – It works!

Ever seen the film Gamer? It is a high-concept action thriller set in a near future where the gaming and entertainment industry have evolved into a terrifying new hybrid. Humans control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online games, for example, people on death row are controlled by people in the free world in a real FPS [trailer]


Well, researchers at the University of Washington have made this science fiction a possibility. They have performed, what they believe is, the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, with one researcher able to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of a fellow researcher – No, this is not a joke!

We’ve seen this happen already but only from rat to rat and human to rat, but never human to human. Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao, a UW professor in computer science and engineering, sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco, a UW research assistant professor in psychology, on the other side of the UW campus, causing Stocco’s finger to move on a keyboard.

A press release describes the experiment [video here]:

The team had a Skype connection set up so the two labs could coordinate, though neither Rao nor Stocco could see the Skype screens. Rao looked at a computer screen and played a simple video game with his mind. When he was supposed to fire a cannon at a target, he imagined moving his right hand (being careful not to actually move his hand), causing a cursor to hit the “fire” button. Almost instantaneously, Stocco, who wore noise-canceling earbuds and wasn’t looking at a computer screen, involuntarily moved his right index finger to push the space bar on the keyboard in front of him, as if firing the cannon. Stocco compared the feeling of his hand moving involuntarily to that of a nervous tic.



So what’s next? Well Rao and Stocco have said that they plan to next carry out the experiment with more complex data, so I assume that will mean something maybe closer to walking. Then if that succeeds, they will look at working on a larger amount of subjects.

But let’s be honest, all we want, is to be able to have mind control, and that possibility may not be too far away. Science!

China is hit by it’s most brutal DDoS attack ever

The China Internet network Information Center (CINIC) has said that on Sunday, around midnight local time, a Denial of Service attack started against the .cn domain which took until 10am local time to cease.

“The attackers showed they were capable of knocking the .cn infrastructure offline but that doesn’t mean that they could knock .com infrastructure offline – but it may,”
– Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare

China is often accused of being responsible for major attacks on Western countries, particularly the US; though this time they have not speculated on who may be responsible.

Here’s a quick diagram explaining a DDoS attack