HTC releases first ad in $1 billion Robert Downey Jr. blitz [Video]

Can Iron Man save HTC? We’re about to find out. Robert Downey Jr. is the star of HTC’s new $1 billion marketing campaign as the company looks to make HTC a household name just like Apple or Samsung. The company recently teased its first commercial starring Downey Jr., and now the full two-minute spot has been released. The bizarre ad lists a number of random phrases the letters “HTC” might stand for, building on the theme uttered early on by one of the commercial’s costars: ”HTC: It’s anything you want it to be.” From a branding perspective, it’s actually a nice play from HTC and its ad firm that could go a long way to beat those three important letters — HTC — into viewers’ brains.

Although I think $1 billion is way too much for an advert (not for RDJ, he’s worth every cent) I think Iron Man will save this wonderful company…after all, he’s Tony bloody Stark!


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