Satellite WiFi for moving vehicles – Phone safe to use in aircraft

Ofcom (Federal Office of Communications), has given the OK for the implementation of new broadband satellite technology. This technology will allow you to access high-speed internet when you’re travelling by ferry, plane or train (provided you’re not in a tunnel).

Tom Cheesewright, a marketing and technology consultant and commentator from Manchester, England, does another one of his interviews for the BBC, explaining what is actually happening.

One of the points made in this video, is about the use of radio signals on aircraft. For anyone who has flown, you will know that once the aircraft begins taxiing, you must switch off your phone or put it into flight mode. Tom says that this became the norm as at the time because “no-one wanted to take the risk” as there was no actual evidence to say that the radio signals would indeed interfere with the aircraft’s communications equipment.

He goes on to say how, “the theoretical risk from radio signals be they from mobile phones or WiFi, causing problems on the plane has now been fundamentally disproven. It’s been tested, we’re sure it’s safe…”

However, the existing problem of getting signal on train when going through a tunnel will persist; which, in my opinion, is understandable. Maybe the use of a mirror at the entrance to each tunnel can be used to reflect the signals into the tunnel =P


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