Airport “Security”

Writing this around 30 thousand feet above France makes me feel like quite a badass. I know I said you’ll have to do without me for the weekend, and that’s mainly true, though I have a three-hour wait in Brussels and quite frankly, travelling is boring.

So last week I noticed that there is a Victorinox store in Geneva airports departure lounge (that’s the bit after the security checks). For those of you who don’t know, Victorinox is the official Swiss Army Knife supplier, so I think you can understand that I was surprised to see one in the airport.
You may be sat there thinking, “but don’t they sell other things too? Like bags and suitcases,” and you’d be right; yes they do sell these things too and for them to sell these in the airport would be completely fine. However, as I’m sure you guessed, they also sell knives.
That’s right kids, you can’t bring your knives in your hand luggage or on your person, but you can buy one once you’re past our security! A small security risk to say the least.

This next flaw is a less surprising than the first, but I just ordered a gin and tonic and received a very flimsy (that kind of means weak by the way) plastic cup, that’s fine; a plastic bottle of gin, that’s fine too; but then also an aluminum can of tonic.

If there are any readers from the US, you pronounce that al-um-in-ee-um, not al-oo-min-um; but I digress. Now let me tell you something, I can do a lot more damage to someone with a torn in half can than I can with a 5cl glass bottle! Any one who has stuck their tongue in a can will know how damn sharp they are, (yes, I’ve done this, college had boring moments like any other place).
( Continuing now in Brussels airport)
I just think it’s crazy how they don’t allow you to bring certain things with you as they can be a weapon, but the moment you clear security, you can buy what you want. It’s like when you go to the cinema, “no, you can’t bring food or drinks here, you have to buy OUR food and drink.”
Okay, I that may be a bit off on that, and by a bit I mean a lot, but it’s still a bit crazy!


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