A glorious coming week for TV series

So next week I will see 4 of my favorite TV shows start new series:


Monday 23rd September – How I Met Your Mother (Sitcom)

The final season of How I Met Your Mother. The mother will actually be in this season, she was revealed in the final episode of season 8 though there was talk about someone else taking the role.


Tuesday 24th September – NCIS Season 11 (Crime Drama)

I get a lot of stick for liking this TV series, but I love it and I will always watch it. Unfortunately we say goodbye to Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David, as she moves on to work on other things. The executive producer has hinted that we’re probably going to be heartbroken by the story in the place for the loss of Ziva. Let’s hope it’s not as painful as seeing Kate die after first diving  to take a bullet to the chest to save Gibbs’ life.


Thursday 26th September – The Big Bang Theory (Sitcom)

 Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady give us their 7th season. This show needs no commentary. If you don’t know why, get the first season and you’ll soon understand.


Sunday 29th September – Homeland (Crime Drama)

Though the first episode has been leaked online already and can be downloaded now, this series definitely deserves a comment as we follow the events of the fictitious bombing of the CIA that was potentially carried out by the ‘American hero’ and governor Nicholas Brody.

Keep an eye out for all of these, I’ll keep you posted of any more notable series.


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