German Politics

I had a very brief read over 3 German parties, FDP, SPD and Piratenpartei, and on a quick view, I like Piratenpartei. They stand up for internet freedom and that is what I care about most; but when I said I’d vote for them for that reason, Julie pointed out , and quite rightly so, that “you would like to, but you wouldn’t.”


So after getting this extremely light conversation (can’t even call it a debate) on German political parties. I am presenting you with my official and thorough opinion.

If you are easily offended, the ‘Continue Reading’ button below is there (unless you’re directly on this post) for you! Don’t click it!

I apologize in advance for the language…

You know what,
F*ck it!
F*ck Germany!
F*ck FDP!
F*ck SPD!
I’d vote pirates!
Y’all can suck my darknet, cybertronic d*ck
I believe I may have been a slight bit immature about this 😉 . So much to the point that I don’t know whether to tag this as serious, because it’s politics, or as humorous because…well, I don’t think that needs explanation.

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