Just as I predicted – Typical Daily Mail

Well, the daily mail reacted just as expected when reporting on the guy that was robbed a few days ago [info here].

Here’s some quotes:

“‘Children in our playgrounds display more violence. My concern is that little brother or sister walks into the room and starts watching something like this because an older brother is playing it.”

“‘We’ve had children crashing into others in toy cars in the playground. When asked about it they say they’ve been watching Grand Theft Auto. They are quite open about it — children of nine and ten.’ “

“Detectives had said in the hours following the attack that they believe he was specifically targeted after his attackers saw crowds of fans queuing in the car park of Asda superstore in Colindale, North-West London before the game’s midnight release.”

That last one I can almost guarantee is totally fictional! Officials would not have speculated on something like this.

[The article]


One thought on “Just as I predicted – Typical Daily Mail

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