Russel Brand: Messiah Complex – World Tour

“Nothing you say makes any sense, I understand that now, you’re just a fucking junkie and you’re smart so you make your insanity sound, good but its bullshit.”
– said to Aldous Snow, played by Russel Brand, in ‘Get him to the Greek’

Now I know that’s not exactly one of the best ways to introduce one of my favorite British comedians/actors; but please, hear me out.

That quote, for me, abstractly describes what sort of a person Russel Brand is. That does NOT mean that nothing he says makes sense or that he’s a junkie, it’s just he posses characteristics that point to these kinds of things.

Style: "dc_rb_280906"

Russel Brand and his iconic look.

The reason I stand by that quote is simple, when you listen to Russel talk, there are times when you find yourself thinking, “I know what he’s saying, I just don’t know what he’s saying,” and that’s his beauty.

He seems like he comes from a whole different dimension, like his mind doesn’t work like everyone else’s.

Russel is starting his new world tour, ‘The Messiah Complex’ where his website states that the tour is,

also starring: Jesus Christ, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X & Hitler

This will be a show you don’t want to miss!


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