Valve – creators of steam – have no boss…ever

When I was writing SteamOS – Coming to a living room near you, I read an interesting fact about the guys over at Valve. They have no boss.

I’m not talking about a lack of an overruling man in a big, leather chair; I mean nobody has a boss. No managers, no supervisors, nobody to report to and nobody reporting to you. Every single person in the office is an equal!

“We’re free to choose to work on whatever we think is interesting. People ask you questions about what you are working on. And the response is not to get defensive but to have that conversation and make sure that we’re all invested in each other.”


Valve believes high-performance workers tend to self-improve without a need for managers and I semi-agree. The environment I work in at the moment is very relaxed and there’s no real pressure to get work completed. Sometimes, there’s no pressure to do anything at all; but the work is always completed. I think in a place like Valve where you are working with the best of the best, you can feel comfortable in knowing that any criticism from your peers is probably worth taking note of whereas some people will prefer that lead of a manager telling them whats good and whats bad etc.



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