I’m completely ashamed to be British…

Look at your country. Look at what it has become. Personally, I feel the men and women that fought for our freedom in the two wars of the 20th century were conned, and our astounding military personnel of today also.

Your government, our government, the peoples government – that feels like more of a question than a statement to me. In a time where our government spies on us, censors and monitors our internet access and now, as of last night, we have a parliamentary oversight of the press, how can we feel the freedom that thousands died to protect? In regards to newspaper censorship, “The European court has already indicated this infringes freedom of expression under Human Rights law.”

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Apple vs Rest of World

So when I first started this blog over on tumblr (yes it’s still running), one of the first things I posted was a very, very simplified break down of why macs are just plain awful. It has now been brought to my attention that maybe it is a better idea to also write a technical breakdown of the same topic. So, without further ado, here goes.

I’ll advise any Apple fanboys/girls to simply leave at this point in time – go away, all you’re going to do is say crap like,

Remark: “The one thing that is definitely better about my mac than my old PC, is that when you open the lid, it starts instantaneously…”

Solution: Change your settings to suspend instead of hibernate…or just get a better OS. Not my fault you were running Windows…yes, there are more than just two OS’s…shocking I know!

or something else like,

Remark: “But it works well with my iPhone”

Solution: “Get an android phone and anything that can work with phones will work well with your phone.

or even something else like,

Remark: “But it looks nice”

I’m not going to dignify that with a response, but I did write a program you can look at that will show you what to do if you are one of these people.

So yes, fanboys/girls leave…

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Project: Contingency – A free Halo game for PC

Project Contingency is a fan made, free to play halo game using the CryEngine 3. All game assets are being made from scratch by their team of developers, nothing external, and absolutely no “ripped” or “stolen” assets from other games are going to be used.

They are currently looking for developers and you can apply to join their team here and I’ll post their concept art on this page

Here’s their tech demo…

Personally, I encourage anything that is free and anything that is Halo orientated. Though we have Halo 5, yes it is 99% sure that it will be called that, it will more than probably be 100% Xbox One, so a little something for PC would be awesome!

My first year doesn’t matter…does it?

There are two completely opposite answers to this question and the one you’re probably sat there thinking of is, ‘well no, it doesn’t matter as it’s not taken into account for the classification of my degree.’ I can only speak for Northumbria students when i say this, as I’m not 100% certain that this carries to every university, but for the majority, this is the case. Yes, you’re correct to think this, your first year does not count towards your final degree classification, but before you start ‘necking’ pints, there is much, much more to it than that.

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