Review: Saitek R.A.T 7

Purchased the Saitek R.A.T 7 today…€100 well spent!

This ‘thing’ is a 6400 dpi, beautiful monstrosity and better yet, it’s customizable in almost every way.


So what do you get out of a wired mouse that costs so much? Well since you asked…you have left and right-click with a 3rd button on the scroll wheel, plus the two side thumb buttons as you will find on any standard 5 button mouse. Not very impressive, huh? Plot twist!!!!

The guys over at Saitek know that this isn’t even coming close to what you demanding gamers will expect, so they push the bar higher. On the R.A.T.7 you will find a red button just up from buttons 4 and 5. This little beauty is a precision button. Using the software provided you can set this button to reduce your dpi by a certain percentage to really nail those headshots. Also, speaking of the software, every one of the 9 buttons is programmable and to take full advantage of this take a look at the mode button. This is located next to button 1 and will allow you to cycle between 3 modes, red, blue and pink, that will represent different mappings. So in blue mode, button 4 could be melee and in pink mode it could be reload. Essentially that puts this mouse on a total of 27 functions over 9 buttons! This feature is absolutely crazy cool, and super effective for use over multiple games, between multiple people and also those games that demand a ton of bindings.

Still not impressed? Well I hope you’ve learnt by now that with the RAT, there is always more.
Physically, you have adjustments for: how wide your thumb sits, how long your thumb is, how long your palm is, how curved your palm is and where your pinky sits. So if you can’t get this baby to fit your hand you’ve probably got much bigger problems to worry about. There’s also a weight system to allow you to modify how heavy the mouse is.


If you’re still wondering why this is valued at the 100 mark then, in the words of Obi Wan Kenobi (wow that was in my phones autocomplete), “you want to go home and rethink your life.”

The RAT7 is a brilliant mouse for all kinds of gamers, from the Farmville players to the LoL players…though if you play Farmville, I’ll refer you to my Obi Wan Kenobi quote.

Side note: The RAT 5 is basically the 7 but without the thumb and pinky adjustments, the only change you can make is the palm length; and the RAT 9 is a wireless version of the 7.


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