Black Ops 2: Nuketown 2025 – Hardpoint Defense tactics

!!! 300th post !!!

In the spirit of the ongoing Nuketown 24/7 playlist, I thought I’d share my tactics for holding down hardpoints on this map.

This schematic is based on a 4 man team 3 SMG’s and 1 AR, though additional players can either be supporting elsewhere around the map or if the time is running down to the next HP, they can be rushing it. The shorter lines signify a recommended SMG loadout, and longer ones recommend an AR loadout. The SMG should be something like the MSMC as it has good range and accuracy.

The two central HP defensive layouts are based on your team spawning in the North house. It is essential that you do not push to far forward, this could cause the opposing team to spawn behind your team!!!


1st Draft of Nuketown defense tactics


– Red is North house HP
– Orange is East HP
– Green is South HP
– Blue is West HP
– Hollow circles are upstairs
– Dashed lines are for extra support if needed.

I play on PC, if you want to try a few games with me, leave a message on this post. I’m not the best of players, but tactics will make any team stronger.
!!! Also looking for a league team !!!


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