Battlefield 4 gaming rig – with the new AMD R9 290x

With the upcoming release, and the end of the beta period, battlefield have got some great marketing aids to help push their game onto the front line. CyberPowerPC has announced that for a limited time only and while stocks last, it will be selling the ‘gaming rig of the year.’ At first I was skeptical, but I took a look at the specs and I was far from disappointed.

Here’s the base package that you can pick up for $2169


Don’t worry, you don’t have to have the BF4 picture on the side.

Now if you know anything about anything, you can see that this is a monster! Few would argue that this isn’t the most powerful gaming machine going.

But just when you thought that was so much already…there’s more. You can customize the build, which didn’t occur to me at first, but then made so much more sense when I thought about it; speaking from experience, an amazing PC is great, but an amazing PC that you built – whether that means selecting parts or physically putting it together – is better.

My plan now was to go over what you can customize, expecting some kind of restriction on the parts that can be swapped out. Nope. You can change anything, sure there’s a restriction on what specific parts you can use, but you can change any of the them, motherboard, hard drives, case mods, you name it. They even offer free custom message laser engraving – no the scam is not that it’s written in comic sans.

Here’s some of the areas that you can upgrade:

  • Motherboard
  • 2nd/3rd Video Cards
  • Extra case fan
  • Noise reduction
  • CPU – upgrades to either AMD FX-9370 4.40 GHz (4.7 GHz Turbo) Eight-Core [+$36] or AMD FX-9590 4.70 GHz (5.0GHz Turbo) Eight-Core [+$410]
  • Cooling system
  • Memory
  • PSU
  • SSD & HDD

It also has the option for a free Battlefield 4 game which is NOT selected automatically. So unless you click the customize option and opt-in for the freebie, you will not receive it…or at least that’s the impression their site gives.

So if you want to max you rig out to have 3 way crossfire R9 290x’s with an FX-9590, you’re looking at at least $5000, expensive, but the best value for money you’ll ever find!

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