Red vs Blue: Origin vs Steam Discussion

Because it was a great and in-depth discussion, I’m posting the conversation me and Ian, a friend from university and member of Computer & Video Games Society at Northumbria, had via Facebook about my turf wars post on the topic of Origin vs Steam


…As for the article, Origin seems pretty good. Free to play games are horrible so I don’t care, despite what this article says Steams offline mode is atrocious, Origin does that better, this is a very biased article.


Free to plays are great but we could bounce that feeling back and forth all day.
I’ve never had a problem that was caused directly by Steam on OR offline.
So yes, this article is biased because I think Steam is better and serves a much better purpose.
There are so many other points that I made about Steam that put it leagues above Origin. To reiterate a point, “…there’s no real need for Origin. Everything it can do Steam does better…much better…”

But of course, each to their own


The only games I’ve seen that are exclusive to Origin are EA published games, whereas the list of games that are exclusive to steam is pretty vast and includes the Call of Duty series.…
Many online retailers have protested this.…/

“there’s no real need for Origin”
Competition is always healthy. Considering that Valve are fairly strict on their quality control, which games are allowed to be sold via steam, I think it’s very important that there are more options available out there.


Good competition is good, bad competition is bad. GOG is where you will find the good competition and Origin, well personally I’m surprised you see it as competition at all. It’s about as much competition to Steam as a yard sale is to eBay.

As for exclusives, yes Origin have very few, yes Steam have more. But Steam has earned the right to exclusives. They’ve earned the trust and earned the support of developers AND gamers alike. Origin…well yeah, you see where this is going.


I don’t see how Origin is bad competition. GoG is a completely different market, mostly targeting old games. They’re also completely DRM free, unlike Steam. Origin has had extremely good sales, albeit less frequent ones. They also have free to play games too, such as Star Wars: ToR and Plants vs Zombies 2. 

Steam has been around for a decade and was met with massive backlash in its early years, just like Origin is now. No one was happy with having to install it to play Half Life 2, and the strain on the brand new servers caused many to be unable to play it at launch. Origin is only two years old and the problems it is having are to be expected.


If I watch someone jump off a cliff and die, then I know that if I jump off a cliff, I’ll probably die. You don’t have to live the experience to learn from it, you can just look at what other people have done and learn from their mistakes.

Origin is around 2 years old, yes, so it has had around 8 years worth of data on steams progression. What was good, what was bad, what was added, what was deleted. Why did it not learn from Valve’s mistakes?

Also, on the topic of how long stuff has been going on for, EA has been around for 14 years longer than Valve. Think what you will with that information, but I’m sure you see my point.

But yes, there are going to be teething problems at the start of any project no matter how big or small and as a programmer I can fully appreciate this. But I would fully expect Origin to be close to on par with Steam in at LEAST 2 years.


“EA has been around for 14 years longer than Valve”
For most of that, they were an excellent publisher. I believe EA only stopped taking risks and started sacrificing quality at around 2010 when they felt threatened by Activision and started turning everything into CoD clones. They’ve been at their absolute worst when handling Bioware releases.

Also there’s something else that EA have recently improved upon, although their handling of this when SW:ToR and Sim City were release was beyond disgusting. Makes me think they do learn from their mistakes.


In no way am I saying they categorically don’t learn from their mistakes, just that with Origin they had a lot of information at their disposal to aid them through the development, which they appear to not have used. The “Origin Great Game Guarantee” was a great thing for them to add and is something they really do have over Steam.

And I completely agree on the reason for the decline in EA’s game quality, but the point I was getting at was that they have a ton of experience, good and bad, and should have used this to their advantage.

EA still has a lot of power in their own area, they are just using it very very poorly.


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