I’m completely ashamed to be British…

Look at your country. Look at what it has become. Personally, I feel the men and women that fought for our freedom in the two wars of the 20th century were conned, and our astounding military personnel of today also.

Your government, our government, the peoples government – that feels like more of a question than a statement to me. In a time where our government spies on us, censors and monitors our internet access and now, as of last night, we have a parliamentary oversight of the press, how can we feel the freedom that thousands died to protect? In regards to newspaper censorship, “The European court has already indicated this infringes freedom of expression under Human Rights law.”


But what is just as bad, what equally makes me resent my British roots, is the people of Great Britain. You sit and read this news and think nothing of it. At the most, you’ll think, “well that’s simply unacceptable,” and then on you go with your life as though you’re in a children’s fictional novel in which all the characters find out that it was just a dream and they were back in time for tea.

Wake up! Open your eyes!

If you’re not pissed off at what your country has become, then you aren’t paying attention!


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