Biker Gang protects abused children [Video]

These guys will literally all come to your house on thundering motorbikes and make sure you’re okay, make you feel safe and invite you into their family.

“We’re not playing Wild Hogs here. If someone who would hurt a child doesn’t take us seriously, well that would be a big mistake”

BACA helps out kids around the world

BACA helps out kids around the world

This a Biker gang committed to one thing, protecting children in abusive situations. Once they are contacted about a child in a situation like this, they have 4 levels of response.

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How to build a gaming PC (Parody)

Hey guys, a lot of people nowadays are moving away from consoles and are starting to build their own gaming PC’s…GREAT NEWS! So I thought I’d write a quick guide on how to build the best gaming PC. I understand that you can spend anywhere from $600 – several thousand on your build, so I will try to take that into account, but just remember, the better your ¬†gaming PC is, the better you will be at gaming.


Everybody knows that this is the brain of the computer and the more cores the better. If you have a dual core CPU it will make you twice as fast at killing people in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. It will also make the game look better, so you should go out and buy a 12 core CPU so that your games look really good and you can kill people much, much faster.

Graphics Card

Get an Nvidia. Everybody knows they are better than AMD because their graphics cards are bad and can’t run COD, so why would you ever get one! It really doesn’t matter which model it is, just as long as it is Nvidia and there is a picture of an anime girl and a couple LED’s on the cover¬†to prove you’re a real gamer.

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Probably the most powerful commercial laptop ever

Have you ever been away on holiday or around town and thought to yourself, “hmm, what I really need right now is a mobile server, able to host around 20-50 clients,” well look no further!

Eurocom has built the first 12-Core, 24-thread laptop; the Panther 5SE Mobile Server. Running a Intel E5-2697 v2 on the highest configuration, it is more than certain that it can do absolutely everything…at once.

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