A weird experience with British money

Patrick, one of the developers in my office,  just handed me 20p (GBP) that he had in a bag of change and it just looked and felt weird. I really cannot explain how it felt, it was just so strange. Now I’m worried I’m going to be walking around England over the Christmas shutdown and be thinking, “God damn foreigners!” every five minutes.

I guess this is what happens, cannot believe it’s been around 6 months since I left home.

On a side note, “I really miss being a student” is the most common thing I’ve heard people on placement say and I agree. Enjoy uni life while you can!


2 thoughts on “A weird experience with British money

  1. Spent some time in the UK myself. Only for a two month internship, though 🙂 hope you’re enjoying yourself and making time to check out the museums!

  2. Well I’m still in Geneva at the moment and I will be until the end of December. Then I’m bouncing around England, Berlin and Amsterdam for the 2 weeks off work we get.
    After living in England for 20 years, I don’t there’s any museums I haven’t seen, certainly not ones that interest me. Though there is a pencil factory near Geneva I believe =P

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