Biker Gang protects abused children [Video]

These guys will literally all come to your house on thundering motorbikes and make sure you’re okay, make you feel safe and invite you into their family.

“We’re not playing Wild Hogs here. If someone who would hurt a child doesn’t take us seriously, well that would be a big mistake”

BACA helps out kids around the world

BACA helps out kids around the world

This a Biker gang committed to one thing, protecting children in abusive situations. Once they are contacted about a child in a situation like this, they have 4 levels of response.

Level 1

BACA will inform every single one of its members that it will be riding to the house of a child and all that can come should attend. They will all pull up to the house and present the child a patch, stickers and photograph of the child with its new family.

Level 2

If level 1 is unsuccessful, several BACA members will be sent for further exposure. This group of BACA members will create a presence at the home of the child, being visible at times when the family might be the most vulnerable. The purpose of BACA’s presence is to deter further abuse and to protect the children and the family, if necessary.

Level 3

If the physical presence of the BACA members at the residence of the child’s home does not deter the abuser, a formal letter will be drafted by the Chapter President or Vice-President in the area in which the abuser lives. This letter will be written on BACA letterhead. The substance of the letter will be to explain to the perpetrator that we are prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to become the obstacle to further abuse.

Level 4

If the letter does not cease the abuse, BACA will request the general geographical location and go door to door letting people know who they are, hand out stickers to kids, and distribute their literature regarding their mission and how they function.

If the location or address of the perpetrator becomes known to any BACA Member, we will immediately withdraw our physical presence to avoid any contact. BACA does not condone, support or participate in the use of aggression, violence or physical force in any manner. If, however, ANY person should seek to inflict harm on one of our BACA Members, we will respond with commitment and loyalty to protect our Member.

I’d like to see something like this come to the UK as well as USA, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. Keep up the good work guys!


2 thoughts on “Biker Gang protects abused children [Video]

  1. Good for them! i came from an abusive home father was a mutt and i wish these guys where around me then. it’s just too bad the JUSTICE system doesn’t kill them all! sorry but its the truth it ruins a child’s life no matter how much help they get.
    Keep up the good work guys much love and respect from Halifax, Nova Scotia

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