Cyborg G.L.I.D.E. 7 Compatability Issues with the R.A.T. 7

So a while back I bought a Mad Catz Cyborg G.L.I.D.E. 7 gaming surface (fancy name for a mouse pad) to use with my Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse. Specifically, I bought the one in the picture below. This turned out to be quite a mistake.

Though the GLIDE 7 claims to be “optimized for laser sensors” I had occasions where, when using the surface, the cursor would move when I wasn’t even touching the mouse and when I used the mouse without the surface, everything was fine.  When I contacted Mad Catz about this issue, I received the following email:

Dear Jake,

Thank you for contacting Mad Catz Technical Support.

In regards to your issue, please see the possible explanation below:
The twin-eye laser used in R.A.T. mice operates in the infrared (IR) spectrum and works better with surfaces that are bright and reflective in the band of light in which the mouse operates. Because of the different coatings which can be applied to gaming surfaces and the different inks/dyes/materials used, it’s possible to have a mat which is black, but ‘bright’ as far as the mouse’s laser sensor is concerned. Equally, it’s possible to have a mat which is white but ‘dim’ as far as the laser is concerned, which would result in bad tracking. Also, degradation in performance could happen on a surface you frequently use; with long-term use your surface will lose its shine in the IR spectrum.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get back to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

[Persons name]

Technical/Customer Support Rep

Cyborg G.L.I.D.E. 7 gaming surface

Cyborg G.L.I.D.E. 7 gaming surface

At the time, I was extremely happy to receive a reply that explained in full why my problem could be happening, I was overjoyed to not be treat like the idiot most companies see their consumers as. So in this regard, I was satisfied, and because of that, I let the issue go and forgot about it.

Then a couple of months later, I’m cleaning out my mail box and I see the email and re-read it and think to myself, “wait, this doesn’t fly with me at all.”

This was a brand new surface, so it wouldn’t have lost its shine or anything like that at all, so why does the GLIDE 7 not work 100% with the RAT 7???

It seems crazy that this happens because I love everything from the company, especially the RAT7.

Has anybody else had the same problem with the same or similar products? or does anybody know whats going on?


2 thoughts on “Cyborg G.L.I.D.E. 7 Compatability Issues with the R.A.T. 7

  1. Two years after my mouse sensor “broke”, I decide to go online to see if I can get it warrantied. My Rat 7 is out of warranty. (Thats what I found out today). So I look up if I can fix the sensor myself and I happen to see this random post on google that says Rat 7 sensor not working on Glide 7 surface. It didn’t occur to me at ALL that the mat could be the problem. So while I’m reading your post I take my rat 7 out of its box it has been in for two years and I plug it in… I then wait for my computer to recognize it. I place it on the glide 7 and try to move the mouse.. nothing. I then right click and the button seems to be working. I place the mouse on my leg (wearing dark grey pants), no movement of mouse on screen. I look to my right and see the book “The millionaire next door.” It has a white surface that has a weird sheen to it. I place my rat on it and the cursor moves on the screen! Whaaaaaat!?? Dude you have NO idea how excited I am right now! After Two years of the mouse collecting dust on my display stand… you are my life saver.

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