China’s internet traffic rerouted to one house in Wyoming, USA

On Tuesday last week, a large amount of China’s 500 million internet users were rerouted to this house in the picture below in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. This occurred due to an attempt by China’s internet censors to block access to Sophidea Incorporated, a re-routing service designed to get around national firewalls and filtering. However, for some (very glitchy) reason, the internet censor hit them with tons of traffic causing most of China to not be able to access .com, .org or .net domains for around 8 hours.


So why this house? Well to get this answer I checked out a Reuters investigation that was carried out on this building and to give you a quick insight into why this house specifically was the destination of China’s rerouting, I’ll quote a few sentences:

“At a single address in this sleepy city of 60,000 people, more than 2,000 companies are registered.”

” It is the headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services, a business-incorporation specialist that establishes firms which can be used as “shell” companies, paper entities able to hide assets.”

“Wyoming Corporate Services will help clients create a company, and more: set up a bank account for it; add a lawyer as a corporate director to invoke attorney-client privilege; even appoint stand-in directors and officers as high as CEO. Among its offerings is a variety of shell known as a “shelf” company, which comes with years of regulatory filings behind it, lending a greater feeling of solidity.”

So yeah, this place is like the Cayman islands of USA.


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