Oculus Rift Exclusive Launch Title Confirmed

Oculus VR, makers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, announced today that Eve: Valkyrie, a space dog-fighting game often used to demo the device, will be the first game Oculus will co-publish, and the first exclusive Oculus Rift launch title.

– PCGamer


Just imagine it, the massive world of EVE portrayed through a virtual reality suite. The rumor that there will be VR support for existing games has been floating around too, which puts GTA into a whole new perspective!

This is the first step towards what the 80’s thought today would be like; we are basically a few ‘hoverboards’ away from living in the futuristic world displayed in Back to the Future.

Oculus also announced that it’s releasing the Oculus Latency Tester as open source hardware. You can order the device from Oculus or build your own, then download the necessary software for free. This, Oculus believes, will “accelerate and improve virtual reality technology for everyone.”


Oculus have really pulled out all the stops here and I think we can expect to see big things from them in the near future.

EVE Online

EVE Online


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