Review: Titanfall Beta

As I said in part one, this game is very aesthetically pleasing; the graphics are truly beautiful, not Crysis beautiful, but still up there. The game flows very well and the mechanics feel generally smooth. I don’t want to talk too much about the positives because with all the hype this has received it’s obvious where the good things are, but here’s a short list with some of the main pros of the game:

  • Good sized maps – perfect for pilot or Titan
  • The IDEA of the AI is really cool, but I’ll touch on that later
  • Burn cards are a cool addition – pretty much perks you can use mid game for one life
  • Parkour is awesome and flows well

As I said, the good things about this game you can find just be watching a game play video, what I want to discuss is the problems with the game.


Minions (AI)

I love the idea of using AI in this style of game. Especially when there are only 6 players on each team, the minions really pad out the time you spend actually engaging with the opposition, which is obviously what you want. However, there are two large problems (and one minor one) that I have noticed with the minions but the first is probably the biggest problem with the game overall. The minions are insanely stupid. I mean, they are that bad, you can run into a room that is filled with 6 of them, kill them all and sustain next to no damage; seriously, you could very easily walk away without a scratch on you. This then leads into another problem…

Because the minions are so easy to kill, a very easy way to win attrition is by just killing minions. It’s kind of like farming in a MOBA, you just kill them repeatedly and eventually your score will reach the limit. One of the things I noticed when playing was the team with the most pilot kills was rarely the overall winner, but the team with the most minion kills almost always won. This may sound like its normal, but killing minions is not difficult. I could probably kill all the minions on the map with a pistol, or even melee if there were no pilots, without dying!

The minor point I wanted to bring up on this topic is that games feel incredibly short and I feel like this could be because of the above point (getting most of your score from minion kills). However, this could also be down to the fact that I’ve been playing League of Legends lately and those games can be anywhere from 20 mins to over an hour!

EDIT: After getting some game time in with some guys that are in the Angry Joe Show Army (AJSA) we had a small discussion on how minions affect gameplay. We agreed that the fact you can kill minions only and still win a game; but one of the guys mentioned how they’re a good way to distract people if you know how to use them correctly. They certainly pad out the game which is very beneficial in such large maps.

Titan – Nuclear Ejection

For those of you who don’t know, nuclear ejection is one of the add-ons you can have on your Titan and it’s seriously overpowered. When your Titan is destroyed, it charges for a couple of seconds and then causes a nuclear explosion killing anything nearby (including Titans on low health). I have experimented with this in different ways and I’ve found a way to abuse the hell out of it by simply running my Titan at an enemy one, ejecting, switching the Titan to guard mode then shooting the enemy with my anti-titan weapon until it or I die. If my Titan survives, rinse and repeat; else the explosion from the Titan usually kills my opponent. This is just a re-hash of the martyrdom perk in Call of Duty, it was annoying as hell then and will be annoying as hell now. Fix it!


No this is not a cross between Peter Parker and Peyton Manning, this is where you wall run and, mid-way, stop and shoot. This can only be done with the enhanced parkour kit – Tier 1 kit for pilots – but I’m not sure if I like it or not. On the one hand it’s pretty damn cool but on the other hand it more than doubles the places you can get shot from if you’re the victim. I’m not saying this should be removed or modified, just something I’m not quite sure of yet.


  • Screen flickers on Burn Cards screen and very occasionally in-game
  • There are occasional volume spikes – usually when Titans are falling in
  • When I click “Last Game Summary” in the lobby, I should see the scoreboard


I’m going to have to quote one of my favorite youtubers here,

“There’s a saying in writing which is like you have to kill your baby so if you’re writing an essay and you get a really good paragraph but it doesn’t fit and it doesn’t move the story forward sometimes you gotta delete it no matter how much I love it. And that’s the same way I feel about this game, I understand that you have a passion for the AI the way everything set up right now but you gotta listen to the people that have been playing the same type games over and over again. I wanna see this game get big and huge – no homo – let’s hope it happens.”

– IIJeriichoII

He’s right, personally I think the AI could be kept in, it just needs to be modified, but the developers at Respawn Entertainment need to listen to the majority of their fans.

Finally, EA, the publishers of Titanfall, have built a terrible reputation from their last few games (I knew it was bad before, just Battlefield 4 pushed it over the edge) and I’m worried we’re going to see a repeat of this again with Titanfall. I found out today that people have been digging through the game’s source code and have found roughly 14-15 maps. If there is not around that many maps in the final release of the game I’m gonna be pissed! I will NOT pay for day one DLC and I will NOT pay for content that could easily have been in the original download.

When the developers held a Q&A session a couple of the guys I watch on YouTube were there and they were rejected on almost every question. How many game modes will there be? Can’t say. How many maps will there be? Can’t say. What’s happening with the multiplayer? Can’t say.

In fact, all that we do know about the multiplayer is that it’s somehow linked into Attrition game mode, will be multiplayer and yet is definitely campaign…

I have a feeling EA is going to beat the crap out of my wallet or at least they will try their ass off!


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