Video games do not cause violence

This comic will help you understand one of the many points against the idea that video games are the cause of violence amongst youths.


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Streaming Cards Against Humanity this Weekend/Tonight

So I plan to be streaming Cards Against Humanity this weekend on Twitch.

If you haven’t heard of this game here is a basic outline

  • A black card is drawn which may be either a question or a number of blank spaces in a sentence
  • You then fill the blanks/answer the question with your white answer cards
  • Each round there is a card czar and they choose the winning card

It’s as simple as that…except that you have to try to get the most awful answer

Anyway, here’s what you can expect. My choices are the enlarged cards and it the 2nd picture shows how the game should really be played (blue card wins)


I can’t believe I lost this one to ‘Hipsters’



…but I understand why I lost this one

Programming on the Toilet

100% entirely accurate down to the letter. Whenever I’m stuck, I grab a coffee and usually, within 5-10mins, my problem is solved =D

Eat. Sleep. Code.

It’s 5PM. I’ve been working on the same code for hours, grinding out an implementation one line at a time. It’s been a torturous process. Some days, code just naturally flows from my brain to my fingertips. This is not one of those days.

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Titanfall: Anti-Cheating System

So if you’re one of those a**holes who goes out and pays for an “aim bot” to win games then you should probably go and do it on Titanfall…no seriously, please do.

Effective immediately, Titanfall will be implementing an anti-cheating system whereby anybody who is caught cheating will not be banned and will be allowed to continue playing with no noticeable changes…except for the fact you’ll only be matched against other people who cheat (so don’t be the first one to do it, m’kay?)

This follows, in a way, from the way GTA V handled their “bad sport” players online whereby a player would receive a dunce hat for their current session after receiving several warnings about bad sportsmanship. The next time they log in, they will be in the “bad sport” servers until they complete enough jobs/missions to increase their reputation.


After so many fouls, you get a dunce hat for the remainder of the session. The next time you log in, you will only be able to play in “bad sport” servers.

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Top 20 degrees to leave you with a non-degree related job

Here are a list of the top 20 degrees in which people are least likely to get a job that is related to their degree.

I think the masses of people at my university who do sports science will like this read…

20. Psychology

19. Religious studies and theology

18. Music

17. Sport & Business Management

16. English Lit

15. Advertisement

14. Business Management

13. English Language

12. Sociology

11. Events Management

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The Latest Windows 9 Concept [Image]

Here’s a quick look at what we might be able to expect from windows 9 when it releases some time next year.


Personally, I can’t help but think that it looks exactly like Ubuntu – though I doubt it performs as well.

With a larger range of devices running the Windows kernel, it is obvious that power management is a key area for improvement; so I expect this to be a key area Microsoft work on. Bruce Worthington, the guy responsible for this kind of stuff spoke about this for Channel 9.


“If you look at the number of times we would wake up the CPU per second for Windows 7, you would typically see numbers on the order of one millisecond. We would literally be waking up the CPU a thousand times per second. If you look at Windows 8, on a clean system, we have numbers that are better than a hundred milliseconds. Now we’re looking forward to the next release and we can get even farther – especially as we start interacting more and more with our phone brethren. They want us to be quiet for multiple seconds at a time. They even talk about minutes in some scenarios which is pretty far afield for us, to be thinking about minutes of being completely quiet. At least getting into the multi-second we’re definitely ready to think about that.”

As you can see, this will be a big push for Windows 9 especially since the Surface Pros can get very power-hungry.