Road to Titanfall: As We Expected – Origin Server Errors

DISCONNECT: Origin error retrieving player data from storage – code 503

Yup, it happened, PC players all over were experiencing code 503 errors and to be blunt…it was EA’s fault, not Respawn!

If you’re lucky enough to be an Xbox One player your experience will probably be pretty damn perfect and smooth. This is again as we expected as this is Microsoft…not EA.

It is unclear what caused the downtime, but Respawn set up a page on EA to keep us updated with the status of the servers and at 3/12 5:45 AM PST, they claimed all issues had been resolved. It will be interesting to see what happens when Europe joins the Titanfall experience tonight at 23:00 and the UK 24 hours after that.


Credit where credit is due, from what I can gather, the issue was fixed pretty quickly. To be honest, I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did without issues.

As I said, if you’re on Xbox One, you’ve not really got anything to worry about, as for PC – don’t get your hopes up just yet.

I plan to have one more Road to Titanfall post tomorrow for you UK-based guys then after that, we’re going to get into game plays and tactical analysis’ of maps and game modes.

In brighter news, here’s an awesome advert for Titanfall…your life is certainly better with a Titan!

Check out the countdown for Europe/UK


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