Titanfall: Anti-Cheating System

So if you’re one of those a**holes who goes out and pays for an “aim bot” to win games then you should probably go and do it on Titanfall…no seriously, please do.

Effective immediately, Titanfall will be implementing an anti-cheating system whereby anybody who is caught cheating will not be banned and will be allowed to continue playing with no noticeable changes…except for the fact you’ll only be matched against other people who cheat (so don’t be the first one to do it, m’kay?)

This follows, in a way, from the way GTA V handled their “bad sport” players online whereby a player would receive a dunce hat for their current session after receiving several warnings about bad sportsmanship. The next time they log in, they will be in the “bad sport” servers until they complete enough jobs/missions to increase their reputation.


After so many fouls, you get a dunce hat for the remainder of the session. The next time you log in, you will only be able to play in “bad sport” servers.


Q: What if I feel I was unfairly banned?
A: Email them at anticheat@respawn.com and make your claim.

Q: What if my friend is labelled a cheater and I still want to play with him?
A: That’s fine, but whenever one person in your private lobby is a cheater you will only be able to play on cheater servers. Once the cheaters leave – or you remove them – then you will go back to normal servers.

I simply love the thought of cheaters all raging in one server because one guys wall hack is better than theirs; it truly does warm my heart! You will know if you have been marked a cheater as your lobby will feature the red message below.






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