How to Survive Working on Linux

Installing things via a terminal can confuse some people when they first try it. Here are my top tips on how to survive working on Linux:

1. If pip install fails -> sudo pip install
2. if sudo pip install fails -> sudo apt-get install
3. if sudo apt-get install fails -> Google it
4. If Google fails -> Google it
(5) Repeat last step as many times as necessary.

N.B. Whenever you install something, if the last line is not an error message, it was successful and you should move onto the next step in the installation process (indented lines do not count as an individual line).

Follow these steps and you will never see a problem but in case you do, as always, Google it.

BONUS: Install the sl package with sudo apt-get install sl and every time you type sl instead of ls you get this awesome little train chugging across your screen…

Screenshot from 2014-04-07 23:40:42


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