Banksy Strikes Again at GCHQ. Have you heard of Tempora and PRISM?

Banksy is a pseudonymous, UK-based graffiti artist famous for his social and political commentary in his art.

Here is his latest piece found near GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters, essentially the British equivalent of NSA). I’m not typically interested in modern art, but I love this piece as it reminds the British people that it is not just the NSA in USA who we should be concerned about, but also their British counterpart.

New Banksy artwork

Banksy reminds the people that it’s not just the USA who spy

I often find that when several countries are found to be doing these kind of things (e.g. USA and UK), if USA is involved the rest of the parties barely get a mention in the media. To prove my point…

Have you heard of PRISM?

Have you heard of Tempora?

If your answers are yes & yes and you’re aware of the details, KUDOS!

If your answers are no & no, you’ve probably been living in cave and need to educate yourself

If your answers are yes & no, then you’ll be surprised to know that Tempora is a GCHQ ran program that “uses intercepts on the fibre-optic cables that make up the backbone of the internet to gain access to large amounts of internet users’ personal data.”

…and you thought USA was bad.

But unfortunately the UK covered its tracks quickly and issued a confidential DA-notice to media outlets officially “asking the media to refrain from running further stories related to surveillance leaks including US PRISM program and the British involvement therein.”

Now repeat after me, “I am free”.


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