CodeBabes – learn to code with “babes” in underwear

I first heard about this style of teaching as I started writing this blog. When somebody used half-naked chinese girls to teach mandarin I knew it was only a matter of time before people started applying this same method to different subjects…and I was right. Allow me to present CodeBabes – because camel case is cool, right?

Simply put, CodeBabes is an online platform where you can learn to code and watch your teacher strip. You start off as a ‘virgin’ then progress to intermediate and finally to advanced.

So far, the lessons available cover HTML, CSS, PHP and programming with internet and SEO marked as ‘coming soon’. I decided to test the lessons out on CSS.  Be aware, I am told the PHP Virgin course is filled with errors (unconfirmed).

The CodeBabes 'babes'...even that word annoys me -_-

The CodeBabes ‘babes’…even that word annoys me -_-

When you start you will be given a video lesson (a text version available beneath) in which your instructor will explain of the prerequisites of the course and a brief explanation of what it is about. She will then go on to give the lesson with terribly scripted innuendos and  sketchy at best video editing. You will then be led to do a test before you can move onto the next lesson, which will always have at least one childish possible answer. For example, any question to do with maths has an option of  ‘420’ and almost all questions have the “cool” option of basically saying “I don’t care”…fortunately, this won’t get you anywhere; but the script does feel like its written by a horny school kid.

After trawling through the whole CSS course I can say it was okay at best. It’s not challenging and certainly not something you can’t otherwise achieve by googling boobies and W3Schools – though the latter I actually recommend to you if you’re serious about learning.

The lessons had a seemingly structured progression going from basic syntax to text colouring to page layouts. The fully clothed lessons at the start of the course were extremely easy; so much so that you could pass the test without watching the video. This being mainly due to the insanely obvious answers and some totally stupid questions -e.g. “The Big Lebowski is a perfect movie. True or False?” However, once your instructor gets down to her underwear it gets a little more complex.


With each test you pass your instructor removes an item of clothing

That’s not to say the lessons are actually complex, they’re still a walk in the park to pretty much anyone who remembers MySpace layouts, but they did actually teach; and I suppose if you have absolutely no knowledge of CSS prior to trying to the lessons, you might actually walk away with a decent understanding of what’s going on in simple cascading style sheets…but no more.

The lessons are totally free so why not give it a shot if you’ve never tried it. You can enter to subscribe monthly but I cannot see a single reason why anybody in their right mind would do so.

The final CSS lesson

The final CSS lesson

The Verdict – Bearing in mind the fact that almost everybody hates this style of teaching entirely and that most people see it as a blatant objectification of women; I think this could possibly work for horny 14 year olds who like: girls, tacky dialogue, bad video editing and the idea of being an 3l1t3 h4ck0r.


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