Can you blame all men for harassment given by the 1%?

#yesallwomen has hit the news with tweets and articles coming from all over the world talking about how women and young girls endure sexual harassment every day. But can we really take it out every man for the 1% of guys who do this?

Upon reading these things I felt immediately compelled to say, “Oh come on, you can’t blame every guy for acts of the 1%.” HOWEVER I then read this article by  in The Guardian An open letter to all my male friends, and it changed everything for me.

But I was still left in the though of, “Okay, I agree with you…but what do you want me to do?” Then I remembered a quote I once read, and hugely agree with, from a British philosopher.

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”

– John Stuart Mills

If you see someone being harassed, do something.

Don’t tweet about it.

Don’t blog about how shocked you were.

Do something!

Tell whoever it is that it’s not acceptable, you can’t act like that in public or anywhere else for that matter.
This is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife or girlfriend. How would you feel if someone you loved was constantly daily and living in discomfort.

If you’re one of guys in the 1%…just stop. It makes you look like a dick, it makes people uncomfortable and not just the woman you’re talking to.

An open letter to all my male friends - by Estelle Tang

An open letter to all my male friends – by Estelle Tang


A Serious turn for the Call of Duty franchise?

If you haven’t seen the latest Call of Duty trailer, you should; it is spectacular. However, it leaves a lot of questions open to us, the main one in my eyes is one that we don’t ask every year, “is Call of Duty trying to make some serious political commentary?” Are they looking for a new story line or are they trying to demonise Private Military Corporations like G4S to encourage regular army recruitment.

Sledgehammer games are taking the helm on this one; these are the guys who worked in partnership with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3 which, to be honest, was average at best. However, I have high hopes for them now that they have been freed from their partners shadow. So maybe they can pull something amazing out of nowhere here? Maybe they will do something new…or maybe it will just be another god damn CoD.

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BNP Attacks UKIP For Being Racist

‘We hate all foreigners, not just the eastern Europeans’ was the message from the BNP’s London spokesman yesterday before the MEP and elections. Here’s the full quote.

“UKIP’s immigration policy discriminates against white Europeans, whereas our immigration policy is non-discriminatory. We don’t pick on white people from Europe: we don’t care where you come from, black or Asian or white, we don’t want you. We think that is a non-racist position.”

– Steve Squire, BNP London spokesman

Just so you can understand just how ironic this is I’ll give you a quick overview of the UK’s two main ‘nationalist’ (political term for xenophobic and usually racist) parties which are BNP and UKIP.

British National Party (BNP)

This is a direct quote from their own website

The BNP’s policy is to:

– Deport all the two million plus who are here illegally;
– Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British;
– Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate;
– Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;
– Stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases;
– Reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.


Their party leader, Nick Griffin, denies that the holocaust took place (video below) and is a down right racist.


United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

As their name suggests, they are not as openly xenophobic as the BNP, but with billboards like this…


…and this…


…it is hard to pin them as anything but despite their constant protests that they are not racist  or against immigration.

On top of all this, there is this picture that circulated the internet mocking some of UKIP’s dreadful policies


On the upside, we did get these awesome parody posters



A change in the system, not in the party

The government exists to serve the people, not for the people to serve the government. They screw up and we are the ones who pay the price. This isn’t a criticism of Tories, Labour or even UKIP for that matter; this is a criticism of the system. It is time for change, not in parties, not in the directors of companies, but in the system itself!

What is the point in democracy if our voices and opinions change nothing?
What is the point in the right to vote if a party can promise their way into power and deliver nothing? What is the point in abiding by laws when the people creating and enforcing them do not?

It is not acceptable and it needs to change!
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