My Top 3 Games of All Time

You will very easily be able to tell that I stated gaming more at a later age, it wasn’t until I was around 15 that I really started playing video games and I only started playing seriously in the last 2 years, but nonetheless, here are my top 3 games of all time. As always, in reverse order

N.B. League of Legends will probably make its way onto this list somehow in the next couple of months. I’m hooked.

#3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD4) & Black Ops II (BO2)

If you’re one of those people who just doesn’t like COD because “real gamers” don’t like COD, feel free to ignore this one and skip to #2, or simply stop trying to be a gamer and just game.

I’m putting these two together as one game as I played COD4 when that came out and I really enjoyed it, then when BO2 came out, I started to get serious about playing it, so it was kind of a 2 stage process for me. Of course when I talk about this franchise in a positive way, I’m more than certainly talking about the multiplayer only.

I started this franchise with Call of Duty 3, released in 2006, it was a WWII game and that got me hooked, from then on I’ve enjoyed the Call of Duty games; but a few of the games I didn’t play at all. COD4 got me in the zone for modern warfare style gaming, so when World at War came out, I was completely uninterested. Then cane Modern Warfare 2, loved it. Black Ops, hated it. Modern Warfare 3, liked, but not loved, it. Black Ops 2, loved it. Now we have Ghosts…it’s pretty crap!

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay

Black Ops 2 saw me go from total rage machine to dead silence. I played games where I would be close to screaming at the computer, “What the f*ck! That was such bullsh*t!” every few minutes; yet there were other games where I wouldn’t say a word out of pure concentration. The game is very easy to get addicted to; you’ll find yourself saying, “I’ll just play one more” after every game for around at least an hour, but if you’re playing with good players, you can be in for a real challenge and that is what kept me in the franchise.

Call of Duty is the most popular first person shooter franchise in the world, like it or not, and with game modes in BO2 like domination, headquarters and hardpoint I was very unlikely to ever stop playing – you know, until the next one came out, because once the next release arrives, the previous is left to rot (unless you’re COD4). Hardpoint was where I really thrived, I’d always start with a few TDM games to get me warmed up before playing objective games, but I took hardpoint so seriously I started to check out pro games from MLG to get a few tips on what’s best to do. I put a bit of money into the game to unlock more classes so that I could tailor 5 loadouts to a specific game type and each loadout specific to different scenarios, I REALLY got into it. Say what you like about the game or the community, but I was well and truly sucked in.

Now, speaking of the community, let me summarise it for you – it is absolutely terrible! COD community is by far one of the worst I have ever seen, significantly worse than the League of Legends community which is infamous amongst PC gamers. You simply cannot go a single game without having someone call someone else a noob, or abusing them over voice chat – I know I said earlier that I shout at the computer but I don’t broadcast my microphone, it’s more just a release of anger – and it can get really damn annoying. The best advice I can give is to mute everyone unless you REALLY want to hear them. There is a possible explanation for this however; because the game is so popular, there are bound to be more ‘bad eggs’ in the community than in other games, and you always notice them because they are extremely talented at trolling!

The only other criticism  I have of the community is what happens during some objective games and I think I can sum up my opinions in one sentence that should be understood by any and every COD player,

Objective games like domination and hardpoint are not TDM. PTFO! Stop using objective games to boost your K/D ratio.

Community issues aside and even the failure of COD: Ghosts aside, I will still continue to play because I love how intense the game can get and despite what “real gamers” say, I find the game very immersive, though I could be confusing that with a mix of over-thinking and addiction.

#2 – Tony hawks American Wasteland

This game was awesome and by far the best in the Tony Hawk franchise. The cartoon graphic style suits the game much more than the serious look they took in Proving Ground and onwards, but even Project 8 kept the same graphic style and that was incomparable to THAW simply because of the story. The American Wasteland story was just so damn awesome, total free roam where you can rack up the best combos possible hitting points in the millions, doing missions to get new things for the skate ranch like signs and cranes and of course the BMX section. This was my personal favorite part of the game. After finishing, I’d go to the Vans skate park, pick up the BMX and just ride for hours.

On a slight side note, this game is #1 for its soundtrack, still to this day the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard for any game or movie, absolute stellar quality. I remember playing this with a friend from school on weekends and we literally could play this for hours just skating around and listening to the music – I have to admit, I always disabled the hip-hop section, it never really was my style.


Multiplayer was hella fun too and anyone who’s played it will know exactly why – FIREBALL! Ride around and try to shoot people the opposing player with a fireball created by doing either an ‘impossible’ to shoot forward or a ‘shove it’ to shoot backwards. Yeah, it’s been years since I played and I still know all the combinations!

If you’re looking for a game to play with awesome music, and an environment that is as intense or as relaxed as you like then this is the game for you. Want to be on the edge of your seat, no problem, get a friend over and play some HORSE or simply skate around setting yourself challenges like getting from one side to the other in one combo and if you just want to chill, turn your speakers up and f*ck around with the maps. There’s a nice collection of glitches and easter eggs that are certainly worth checking out, not to mention what you can do after learning parkour from the French guy in Beverly hills

#1 Halo 3

I’m not the kind of gamer who cares too much for the campaign, in fact, I rarely finish campaigns at all – with the exception of #2 and Halo 3 onwards – but Halo 3 was in my opinion, the perfect game. Halo 3 impeccably combines an immersive campaign with stellar multiplayer and is still, after 7 years, the best game I have ever played.

When I made the move from the PS2 to the 360 instead of the PS3, I got Halo 3 to go with it; I didn’t have Xbox live at the time as a subscription + wireless connector + console + games was simply out of my price range; so I played, for roughly 2 years, nothing but campaign and it simply never got boring. The combination of the only 2 difficulty levels that should be played (heroic and legendary) and the optional skulls made the game truly interesting. Unfortunately I never finished the game on legendary with all skulls active, so I will spend a weekend doing that before I finish university 😉

The campaign was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game of this genre with everything from picking off  Brutes with a couple of well placed sniper shots to stealthily taking out a group of grunts with melee and from and from blowing a Banshee out of the sky with a spartan laser to wiping out a full squad of Covenant aliens with a Warthog chain gun. What made all of this even more amazing is that all though it is a linear FPS, you can still play it your way. Want to sit on the side of a cliff and take everyone out with a Covenant carbine or run in heads first with an assault rifle, both are fine, both can work, both are fun; this game really does let you do what you want with it…as far as you can with this kind of genre.

And now, the multiplayer…

Halo 3 Multiplayer

Halo 3 Multiplayer

After saving enough to get a year of Xbox Live By far, the most fun EVER! Halo 3’s multiplayer concept differs very little from your typical FPS online section, but there was just something about it that was just fun. While Call of Duty 4 has that competitive feel to it, Halo 3 is just fun. There are very few things in the world that I would consider more satisfying than taking out 3 guys in a warthog with nothing but a sticky plasma grenade and a well-timed jump, or even just dominating the entire enemy team armed with a shotgun and sniper. No matter what you do in this game, if you like doing some tactical team plays or if you’re a total lone wolf, you’re 100% guaranteed to have one hell of an experience playing this game.

IMO: 10/10 probably the best game I have ever and will ever play.


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