A change in the system, not in the party

The government exists to serve the people, not for the people to serve the government. They screw up and we are the ones who pay the price. This isn’t a criticism of Tories, Labour or even UKIP for that matter; this is a criticism of the system. It is time for change, not in parties, not in the directors of companies, but in the system itself!

What is the point in democracy if our voices and opinions change nothing?
What is the point in the right to vote if a party can promise their way into power and deliver nothing? What is the point in abiding by laws when the people creating and enforcing them do not?

It is not acceptable and it needs to change!

To start with, here’s something I would like to see in place and I find it bizarre that it is not already:
MPs should not be allowed to police themselves.
David Cameron has said he is ‘very open’ to changing how MPs do this [see Maria Miller expenses scandal], but I don’t want them to change how they, I want them to change the fact that they do it at all. All MPs should appear before a court of law to answer for any crimes they have committed and should receive a punishment of the same magnitude that a non-MP would [again, see Maria Miller expenses scandal].

I urge all of you, everybody and anybody that reads this, speak up! Whether it be via social media or writing a letter directly to your MP. If you’re not happy, do something about it. Speak. Up!

“That’s life” and “there’s nothing I can do about it” is not something you have to live by.



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