Still Alive

Fear not, people, for I am still alive!

It has been a busy week for me, which is recognised by the fact I’ve had 1 hour of gaming in the last 8 days. I was at a conference at the beginning of the week then a couple of days at work before taking some days to myself…all of which have been packed with things to do.

So the conference was for the CRISP project that I am working on at CERN and was held at the European synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. It was the annual meeting for everybody involved to report on their areas progress and there were some crazy projects out there; SKA was one of these. They want to create essentially a massive telescope in the Australian and New Zealand deserts by placing sensors all over – or at least that’s how I understood it, most of these projects were way over my head – and throughout the course of the project, they will generate roughly 3.8 exabytes…that’s 10^18 bytes. To help you understand how much that is
1 exabyte = 1024 petabytes = 1048576 terabytes
So 3.8 exabytes = 3984588.8 terabytes which is probably more data than you will generate in your entire life!

Work was pretty standard, but I have started planning a couple personal projects in my free time one using Django to develop a reference generator. I don’t really need to use Django, but I want to get used to using it again.

All that aside, we have E3 starting tomorrow so I will be trying to keep up with that and will be posting my thoughts on things on here as much as I can.

Until then, have a nice holiday.


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