E3 – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

If you haven’t already, watch this trailer released at E3 first.

No, this was not a mistake, this is not a Titanfall pilot campaign game and nor is it a HaloTitanfall hybrid game. This is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare…or warfighter? or as I have said in my other post Call of Halo: ElysiumFall


Now all jokes aside, this does look like it has potential, as I have previously mentioned, but don’t we think this every E3? I can’t help be feel like I’m gonna be wowed now and come November my happiness will turn to ash and it will be back to the disappointment I felt with Ghosts. Meh, we can see, it’s hard to maintain interest in this. There’s no point in hyping it, we will just wait and see what happens in November.

However, I’m rating things where I can, so if the game is anything like it is in this trailer, though it will not feel like traditional COD I’m gonna give it a solid [8/10] but they NEED to follow through this year!



2 thoughts on “E3 – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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