E3 – Day One: Electronic Arts

Since in comparison to most I’m quite a part time gamer with a heavy preference for multiplayer, I’ll list off what I saw with their trailer and give my impressions out of 10


  • Mirrors Edge
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • FIFA 15
  • Dragon Age 3
  • Mass Effect 4
  • Star Wars Battlefront


Mirrors Edge (Conceptual Prototype)

YES! YES! YES! As soon as I saw this, I immediately started reinstalling the original. The original Mirrors Edge was the first game that enticed me with a demo (or it seems like they are all called betas now but whatever) and I remember being told by a lot of people that if I wanted to experience the whole game I should just play the demo over and over. No! Mirrors Edge was fun and I think this next installment will be leagues above the original…do NOT screw this one up EA.


Battlefield Hardline

This game is now in closed beta…which I will be playing soon so I don’t wanna say too much before I’ve tried it. I watched Boogie2988’s coverage on the EA releases already and he made a good point

I think that’s a kind of a weird choice to lauch that beta today considering Battlefield 4 is still practically in beta.

– EA at E3 – Francis Reacts! #e3 #EA

He’s right though, the gameplay does look damn beautiful, but since BF4 still feels half assed, I have lost faith in what will come of this…also, this is E3.



Meh, football. I know I’m english, but I hate football…though playing Fifa 2000 was always fun.


Dragon Age 3

Looks beautiful but totally isn’t my play style.


Mass Effect 4 (Conceptual Prototype)

Certainly the most visually pleasing yet but showing the least. Mass Effect is a beloved gaming title and it will be interesting to see what Bioware pull out for this new IP…I don’t think any of this deserved its own E3 piece though, way too early in development.

Star Wars: Battlefront

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes! Yes! Yes! Does that say enough? Dice are one of the few people who I would trust with this kind of game, it just sucks that they are in the hands of EA 😥 Though this is in very early stages I’m just so excited with even just the idea of it. PLEASE, DO NOT FUCK THIS UP, EA!



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