E3 – Day One: Sony

Since in comparison to most I’m quite a part time gamer with a heavy preference for multiplayer, I’ll list off what I saw with their trailer and give my impressions out of 10


  • Far Cry 4 Co-op
  • Magicka 2
  • No Man’s Sky
  • GTA V
  • Dead Island 2


Far Cry 4

Verticality is a must in games now, especially since Titanfall so it’s nice to see they are taking that on board with this. The whole kick when you look down and melee will probably not feel very seamless but who knows. Overall a damn good impression and was a nice addition to what we saw from Ubisoft.


Magicka 2

This is just a cute game, its difficult for me to take it seriously though. Cool trailer however.


No Man’s Sky

First off, I love this style of graphics (on the planet at least). It makes a game feel immediately fun so that’s a plus for me; but what has really captivated me is the whole ‘procedurally generated’ thing. A world of infinite size has simply so much potential and this new IP certainly has me captivated. I fell in love with the idea of it the first time I heard about it and it will be an amazing experience to play in this kind of world.



As one of my favorite games from last year I am very, very happy to see this coming to PC.


Dead Island 2

Nice trailer, but realistically, it hasn’t set itself out to be anything new.


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