E3 – Day Two: Halo Master Chief Collections

Master Chief Collections

  • All 4 games on one disc
  • All missions unlocked
  • Playlists for things like just all warthog missions etc.
  • Halo: CE & 2 will be in both original and anniversary editions
  • Over 100 multiplayer maps (every single map from 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Can switch between original and anniversary editions with the click of a button
  • 1080p 60FPS
  • CE has probably no updates for Xbox One
  • Audio and cinematics are updated too
  • 6 of the Halo 2 maps have been HDified, the rest are original
  • Ranking system is unknown so far (hopefully in Halo 3 style)


  • Bigger scale than Forward unto Dawn
  • Life size Halo structures etc
  • Ridley Scott as the director
  • Agent Lock (main character)
  • Coming out the same time as the game (presumably only episode 1)

Halo 5

  • No news -_-
  • Beta “late this year”
  • Old school & updated things in one



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