E3 – Roccat Sova: A different path to the Steam Controller

“An innovative controller can’t and won’t replace the decades-long relationship PC gamers have with WASD,because PC gamers don’t like compromise.”

Evan Lahti, PCGamer

I cannot agree with this more. Though a controller is  a more enjoyable way to play in the living room, it will never live up to the needs of the hardcore PC gamers. However, Roccat think they have found a solution that will fill both the needs of the dedicated, dark-room, bedroom gamer and the sociable, light, living room gamer…the Roccat Sova.


Roccat have describe this as a “highly modular wireless keyboard and mousepad combo”, featuring a Cherry mechanical keyboard there are two USB ports on the left in that little blue area where you can plug in any USB mouse and presumably charge another device along with a mico USB to charge the keyboard itself. The battery life is around 8-12 hrs which will vary depending on your usage, i.e. LED’s and mouse power requirements and will work with consoles, PC’s, SteamOS, Microsoft, Android mobiles and more – at least this is the plan as we are still in very early stages. There isn’t even a price yet

Luke Lafreniere from LinusTechTips got a hands on at E3:

As you can see it is very versatile especially with 3D printing on our side; as Luke says, “you could print a cup holder and attach it to the keyboard if you really want to”, the possibilities are endless.


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