Titanfall Finally Announces New Game Modes & More

Respawn have FINALLY announced new game modes for Titanfall as a major update (not DLC). I haven’t played Titanfall in a while because I was bored with it…but it looks like I will be going back to it later this month. Burn cards for titans and new voiceovers will also be available…I imagine the latter will be at an additional cost.

Fracture - Lots of open ground and sneaky passages. This is my favorite of the two.

The new game modes include:

  • Marked for death: 6 v 6 VIP-esque game mode – protect your VIP while trying to kill the enemy’s
  • Wingman LTS: a 2 v 2 more tactical Last Titan Standing

“New Titan decals will also be available and unlockable upon completion of challenges.”

– PCGamer

This should have happened a long, long time ago and I’m still hella annoyed off that they removed 2 game modes when there was already so few.

Titanfall is another to be added to the list of games that had so much potential and simply did not deliver.

Mega disappointed with Titanfall. It’s fun, but it’s just lacking content…a lot of it!

Titanfall Expedition DLC will release this month on Xbox 360 (if it hasn’t already)


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