AdBlock Plus is paid ‘protection money’ to allow Google ads to pass filters

It has came to light that Eyeo, the people that own AdBlock Plus, are paid money by large firms like Google to allow their ads to pass through filters. If you don’t understand why that is extremely wrong, let me explain.

Many people rely on advertising as their sole source of income. These people include YouTubers, streamers, broadcasters, bloggers and more. When you use AdBlock Plus on these kind of sites, you are receiving the content and the creator gets nothing for it, not a cent.


Oddly enough, this is actually morally okay, so long as AdBlock blocks every single ad it possibly can, that is fair and indiscriminate; but when they start to receive money by certain advertising companies to ‘whitelist’ – as they call it – some ads, it becomes morally wrong. These payments become a kind of protection money; which ruins what is known as net neutrality, a concept that means that all traffic on the internet is treat the same.

AdBlock Plus are essentially saying, “If you’re a content creator and you want to get paid, we want an upfront cut; otherwise, you won’t make anything!”

In no way am I even going to bother trying to get you to uninstall AdBlock, I think that would be an unrealistic request. However, we should definitely do something, I’m not sure what, but we really do need to do something. Once we allow net neutrality to start eroding, the snowball effect begins and we could end up heading in the same direction the USA is going, a tiered internet delivery system.

Eyeo is currently being sued by several German marketing companies for having an illegal business model.

If you’re a fan of any online content that gets its income from advertising, the best thing you can do for that person/group is to disable AdBlock Plus on their site.


3 thoughts on “AdBlock Plus is paid ‘protection money’ to allow Google ads to pass filters

  1. Hey Jake,
    Thanks for writing about Adblock Plus, but your idea of the Acceptable Ads initiative is completely inaccurate. Websites can’t pay to get on the whitelist. To get on, they have to prove to us that their ads conform to our criteria. Then the biggest ones on the list do pay for the service and the value it provides them, true, but over 90 percent on the list pay nothing. And the criteria are the same for all.
    Besides, for the end-user you can turn off the feature at all times — just go to your Options page. We think it’s a good compromise that will encourage better ads. If you don’t, just turn it off. And btw: not sure what you meant about net neutrality: that’s about keeping ISPs from turning the Internet into cable TV, it’s got nothing to do with advertising … and we want the net to stay neutral too!!!

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