Facebook privacy and why you should care about what you post online…even privately!

So I just did a Guess My Age test on this website and it got it perfectly right. However, giving the same answers when doing it through Tor (so it can’t see my Facebook account) it got it wrong, which to me is quite interesting and has led me to certain conclusions: it probably takes your data from Facebook without you knowing.

This can have very serious consequences, especially when I realise that my year of birth is hidden on Facebook. So it would appear that any website can access information about you that you have on Facebook, even if it is not public information.

You might not think this is a big deal, but maybe you will when advertising companies start to use it. Okay, maybe you don’t care about getting adverts that are specifically tailored to you.

What about when people like insurance companies can access this kind of information? You mention that you’ve gone to watch some car racing at your local track and the next thing you know your car insurance premium just went up.

To quote the movie about the creation of Facebook, The Social Network,

“The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”

and these are words you should certainly heed. Though I agree that the internet should be written in ink, unlike the European Courts, I think information that we set as private should remain private.

On a side note, I remember several years ago a friend of mine was studying BSc Digital Forensics at Teesside University. I remember them saying that their professor, who worked in many security areas for many companies, had commented on how terrible Facebook’s security was; and how anybody with a decent amount of computer security know-how would be able to access private information.


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