Day One in Seoul…Well, Day 0.5

So I landed around midday and made it to the university around 4pm thanks to amazing traffic jams, the bus was extremely comfortable so I can’t complain.

Got settled into the room, I’m with a guy from my uni who I’ve not met before and a guy from Michigan Uni, both nice guys; there’s an Indonesian also staying in our room, but I have only heard him, not seen >_>

However, disaster struck when I tried to get the internet connected to my laptop. For some reason my laptop doesnt want to accept the LAN connection, regardless of whos cable/plug I use, so I have been forced to buy a data package to keep in touch with the outside world 😦 I hate spending money!

But to make things a bit less gloomy we went out to eat and I accidentally, but very, very happily, ordered Kim Chi soup xD Jake was very happy indeed

Anyhoo, the time here now is 23:44 (GMT +9 I think) so I should sleep. Night all!

No more new pictures, because I was tired and hungry!


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