Seoul Day 1 – Sunday – Kimchi, League of Legends & Midnight Exploring

Finally finished my first full day in Seoul and what an amazing day it was. We started with breakfast:


Kimchi (김치), sesame leaf, cucumber & beef, some stuff, rice and soup

Holy shit Kimchi for breakfast!!! This place is definitely heaven.

After breakfast, Alice and So Young took us around some places in downtown Seoul, it was hella fun. Lunch was amazing, mandu (만두) and noodles, then we headed to a dessert cafe where he had shaved ice with blueberries. Bliss! Yes, I have pictures 😉


Shopping streets


Such a bright and vibrant place


Random Garfield


God I love it here!


Inas posing with the dog cafe guy…its a place you can go to drink coffee and sit with dogs…they also have a cat cafe xD

Shaved ice and blueberries

Shaved ice and blueberries


[No caption needed]


SUPER humid but lots of cool stores with traditional Korean stuff like jewelery and fans


These looked so cool in the rain

Some random middle aged woman grabbed me to take a photo with her…I was kinda scared…she then pulled in the other guy we were with xD


Being tall makes you a target!

After a ton of walking we headed back for dinner, then crashed for a few hours. Now after a couple hours sleep (22:00) I headed out with people to an internet cafe to play some League of Legends. Unfortunately I couldn’t connect to EUW so I made a new account on NA. We played terribly xD


No flash, but at least I got to play Jinx

but the internet cafe was shit hot awesome!

After realising we just werent doing well at all at LoL, we wandered for a bit and found a 24hr restaurant and had some samgyupsal (삼겹살) with a bottle each of soju (소주).



24hr 삼겹살 down the road

24hr 삼겹살 down the road

after totally demolishing the whole thing


소주 disappeared very quickly

we thought it would be a good idea to head to cheonggyecheon, the man-made river that runs through Seoul. The government built it to lower the temperature in the city…it’s awesome






At this point I stripped down to boxers and started swimming around…this is at about 3/4am xD

Amazing first day. I also found out that tomorrow afternoon we will be doing a cover of a k-pop dance, so you can all look forward to a video of that 😉

K-pop cover dance on Tuesday afternoon ;)

K-pop cover dance on Tuesday afternoon 😉



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