Day 3 – Tuesday – Korean, K-Pop Dancing & Hiking (w/ video)

Wow! Today was one hell of a long, tiring day!

  1. First Korean lesson
  2. Did a K-Pop cover dance of Fantasic Baby by BigBang – video included 😉
  3. Walked up a small mountain to get to Namsan Tower

So in our Korean lesson we covered these


I knew most of these before I arrived. The vowels are across the top and the consonants on the left

Obviously I don’t have any more photos from the class so I’ll move on to number 2…the K-Pop dancing

Yes, as part of our program we were asked to do a cover dance of a k-pop song called Fantastic Baby BIGBANG

Here’s how it is supposed to look like

Here’s how our part looked.

The guy I danced with at the end was totally awesome, he even wanted a pic of us before we left xD


This guy has apparently been in some big k-pop videos including Gentlemen by PSY (The Gangnam Style guy)

This girl has been in some pretty big stuff too

This girl has been in some pretty big stuff too


So after we finished with the awesome K-pop stuff, we decided to head over to Nansang Tower in the centre of Seoul. It was one hell of a long hike with many detours and my legs are aching like hell right now.


A long way to go


Oooo, pretty pond


Ooo, pretty waterfall



By this point I am drenched in sweat and totally exhausted about 50% of the way up the mini-mountain


But it gave one hell of a view


There came a point where we just HAD to stop, so we got some shaved ice aka patbingsu (팥빙수) with red bean and rice cake


Nansan tower


After reaching the top, we definitely deserved beers!


They made their own version of the love bridge in Paris


Seoul at night


Old Seoul city gateway


After a LOOOONG detour around the back streets of downtown Seoul we finally found the station to get home!


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