Smartphones Allowed to stay Online During Flights in the EU

Regulations just passed will allow aircraft passengers in Europe to use their smartphones and tablets without being in airplane mode starting from today.

The European Commission has authorised 3G and 4G communications when aircraft is flying above 3,000m. This is one of the first steps to moving toward in-flight WiFi.

It should be noted that there was never any evidence that pertained to the fact that using mobile data during flight would affect the aircraft in any way. It was merely a safety precaution that was never removed even after it was proven that mobile signals would not interfere with any of the aircraft’s systems.

Though these regulations come into effect now, it is likely that carriers will take time to adjust their own regulations which I should probably mention you are required to abide by.

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Ubuntu: Additional Drivers for Wireless

If you are working from a Dell computer on Ubuntu, you might have noticed that you cannot connect to your internet wirelessly. This is because the driver for your network card has not been installed. Here are 3 steps to fix it: 1) Plug in an ethernet cable (a wired connection to the router). 2) Open a Terminal (Ctrl + Atl + T) 3) Type the following commands (hitting enter after each

sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree

sudo modprobe -r b43 && sudo modprobe b43

And your problem shall be solved. Hope this helps.

If that fails, this link should help.

‘Prime minister to use NATO spearhead force to take out a newly independent Scotland’

I read this article in the Guardian today, I started off being angry and then I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some of the best bits:


“After paying tribute to the Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who died at the weekend, and congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for having sex, the prime minister pronounced the [NATO] summit a total success.”

“As early as September 20, a ground force of Scout armoured vehicles, backed up by a fleet of hunter-killer submarines and joint strike fighter planes, could be assembled along Scotland’s borders. Bring it on, Braveheart.”

[On the topic of the immigration problem in Calais, France]
“At one end of the country he’s got thousands of people fighting to get in and at the other end five million trying to get out. Why not just send a fleet of boats to Calais to pick up the illegal immigrants and take them straight to Scotland?…And if Scotland did vote to leave the union, how come he would get the flak rather than being congratulated by the Tory right and Ukip for achieving net outward migration?”

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Cameron’s & Clegg’s ‘Anti-Terror’ Package

House of Commons will sit for the first time since the recess at 14:30 BST today.

Cameron is due to give his speech at 15:30 BST on the ‘anti-terror package’ he and Clegg agreed upon over the weekend.

I am honestly concerned that the government & security agencies are playing up how severe the threat from returning ISIS soldiers is, as a reason to bolster their draconian measures with respect to civil liberties.

Ideally, the government would like to revoke citizenship of anyone who aids terrorist organisations, which, if the person is born in Britain, is illegal under international law. So to circumvent at least 2 UN conventions the UK have signed into, they want to revoke passports.

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