‘Prime minister to use NATO spearhead force to take out a newly independent Scotland’

I read this article in the Guardian today, I started off being angry and then I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some of the best bits:


“After paying tribute to the Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who died at the weekend, and congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for having sex, the prime minister pronounced the [NATO] summit a total success.”

“As early as September 20, a ground force of Scout armoured vehicles, backed up by a fleet of hunter-killer submarines and joint strike fighter planes, could be assembled along Scotland’s borders. Bring it on, Braveheart.”

[On the topic of the immigration problem in Calais, France]
“At one end of the country he’s got thousands of people fighting to get in and at the other end five million trying to get out. Why not just send a fleet of boats to Calais to pick up the illegal immigrants and take them straight to Scotland?…And if Scotland did vote to leave the union, how come he would get the flak rather than being congratulated by the Tory right and Ukip for achieving net outward migration?”

The Prime Minister had one hell of a day in the House of Commons yesterday, so bad that I actually feel rather sorry for him. There are so many major problems at the moment: ISIS, Ukraine/Russia, Scotland and Calais along with all of our countries own problems. Today we find out that Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are heading to Scotland tomorrow to campaign for ‘No’ in light of Mondays poll showing 51% will say ‘Yes’ in the Scottish independence referendum in just over a week.

I am worried that Scotland will say ‘Yes’. I honestly do think we are better together and I support Gordon Browns proposal for greater devolution of powers to Scotland along with the leaders of UK and Scottish Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour parties. The only person who doesn’t seem to agree is the one person who can change it all, Scotland’s would-be prime minister, Alex Salmond.

Hopefully the Scots come to their senses and vote ‘No’ on the 18th September.


Here’s the full article by John Grace.


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