North Korea, secret photos and how they view America

For me, North Korea is a fascinating place, yet I cannot really find the words to explain why I think that. I suppose my inability to understand how you can control a whole country in such a way plays a part. To be clear, my fascination with the ‘Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea’ is not a positive one, it’s based on the shock of how a country can still be that way. So closed off from the world. My biggest question that I’m unlikely to get a true answer for is this: do the people of North Korea truly believe what their government tells them or are they just to scared to ask questions?

Today I came across a photographer named Eric Lafforgue who has traveled to North Korea many times and has sneaked out several photographs that he was asked to delete. ‘Mr. Eric’, as the North Koreans call him, has covered many countries on his website, but I would ask you to look at two of the PDF files he has posted on the ‘Stories’ page of his website. They are titled: The pictures Kim Jong-Un doesn’t want you to see and America: As seen by the North Koreans. Here are a few snapshots from the collections

All images below belong to Eric Lafforgue

Here is the best of how North Koreans see America (my favorites are the first 3)

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Here are some of my favorites from the Pictures Kim Jong-Un doesn’t want you to see

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Eric also has several other collections from his North Korea visits including ones titled:

  • I’m 20, I live in North Korea
  • Arirang in North Korea
  • North Korea vs USA

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