How much should a student spend on a laptop

TL;DR – see the end section for a breakdown of what the numbers mean and what you should be looking for

I’ve spent a some time in the university library this year, unlike the first two years, and have noticed something that I suppose doesn’t really surprise me. A lot of people have bought laptops that cost far more than what they really need to be paying. I actually spoke to a guy who had a top-end MacBook Pro, the one with the i7 and 16GB or RAM, which costs around £1,700…he studies history. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t need an i7, maybe he’s a professional video editor on the side…

Anyway, what I’m saying is that people spend a lot of money on hardware that they don’t need. Regularly. The best non-tech analogy I can make is this: buying a £1.5k computer for Facebook, email, writing essays, watching movies and playing farmville is like buying a Nissan GTR and driving it like a Fiat Punto – you just don’t do it, it’s a waste!

So how much do I actually need to spend so that I can have a good computer that does what I need?

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