I dislike the Tories as much as anyone else, but they are NOT getting rid of your human rights

I’ve seen a lot posts and petitions in the past few days saying how the Tories are removing the right to life and the right to not be tortured by scrapping the Human Rights Act (HRA). Now, I am as displeased as the next person about the Tories getting a “majority” (we really do need proportional representation) this election, but I can’t stand people harping on about how we’re going to lose these rights at the hands of the Tories because, put quite simply, we’re not.


The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is the list of things that we have the right to as EU citizens. It contains 18 articles that cover things like the right to life, freedom of expression, privacy, marriage and to not be tortured. Due to how EU law works, the countries within the EU are responsible for implementing these laws (within 2 years) within their own systems. They act as a guideline for the minimum amount of rights allowing countries to add extra rights for its respective citizens, but not to reduce them. The UK HRA is the UK’s implementation of these EU laws and therefore, repealing the HRA would be violating EU law. In fact, it has recently surfaced that the scrapping the HRA would be a breach of the Good Friday agreement that sealed the peace process in Northern Ireland. This act was ratified by the UN meaning that getting rid of it would be a violation of an international treaty as the agreement was an accord between two sovereign states.

What the new Conservative government want to do is replace the HRA with their own constitution, a move which I truly support. HOWEVER, knowing the Tories, they are very likely to reduce our rights down to the absolute minimum making it easier for big businesses to screw over the little people. One of the areas I expect them to make the most changes is in the right to privacy, given the government’s stance on not allowing any form of communication to be unreadable by the government.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be worried by this move from the Tories, but I can’t stand the scaremongering that is surrounding this debate.


6 thoughts on “I dislike the Tories as much as anyone else, but they are NOT getting rid of your human rights

      • Enough to give them a majority in the parliament, from what I heard. You may disagree with the system, and you are free to dislike the outcome. But these were fair and open elections, so I think you should respect the outcome of the democratic process.

      • The problem is the voting system. They only got 37% of the vote. The party that got the 2nd most got 6% less votes which under the current system has meant they have 100 seats less.
        But this is totally off the topic of this post. I’m talking about the HRA being scrapped, not how I think our voting system is broken.

      • Your post opens with “I dislike the Tories as much as everyone else”. It seemed to me rather odd. The Tories actually have achieved a democratically elected majority in the Parliament, so I was wondering how come they won if “everyone” dislikes them. And they have a majority, not a “majority”, so I was wondering what your views are on that. As you say, you consider the system “broken”. I know enough about the British voting system to understand what you mean. There are some downsides to it, for sure. But I find it pretty far-fetched. It seems to me you are displeased with the outcome. I can understand that. But the elections were fair and equal, so the system works – not with the outcomes you like, but it is working. Sure, there are ways to improve it, but you must first be certain that the improvements are indeed making things better and not worse.

      • Firstly, I think the only thing that is far-fetched in this is that you consider 36% of a vote a majority (EDIT: for clarity, a majority here is referring to 50%, as you currently need 50% of the seats, not 50% of the votes). I’m glad people outside of the UK take an interest in our politics, but if you truly do understand our voting system you wouldn’t be saying that it is “fair and equal” when 37% of votes equates to 331 seats (Conservative) and 30% equates to 232 seats (Labour); or that 5% of votes gives you 56 seats (SNP), but 8% of the vote gives you 8 seats (Liberal Democrats).
        With regards to being sure it will improve things rather than make things worse, with something on this scale it is not realistic (maybe even impossible) to determine whether it will be effective without trying it.

        HOWEVER, the whole point of this article is to draw attention to the scare tactics being used with regards to the Cons repealing the HRA; and the lies that have been taking over the debate around it.

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