Do NOT Accept the Investigatory Powers Bill

Last year the ECJ stuck down the UK’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which allowed the government to store communications metadata. This was because the government could access these records without a warrant or even the subject knowing, which is problematic because this means it is impossible to know whether you are being surveilled or not which creates a constant fear that it is going on and therefore creating a breach of your right to privacy.

Fast forwarding to today, Theresa May has announced her Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) which, yes, allows for more transparency, but essentially just legitimises the excessive and wide-sweeping surveillance already being carried out whilst also increasing the scope and power that the government has over your online activity and yet still causing the same problem as RIPA (and DRIP for that matter).

There are ton of things wrong with this bill, but I would like to address 3 in particular.
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